The Supreme General’s march to greatness has been steady, deliberate and unstoppable. While his music reflects the raw ferocity and edge of his street background, he defies the “typical young black male from the hood” archetype. There is ardent intention behind everything Preme does and he holds a stratospheric standard for personal excellence. His life is a testament to passion, intention, grit and transcendence. 
Preme grew up in the notorious east side of Buffalo, NY. His story includes many of the all too common challenges that mark the lives of young people coming of age in the inner city. Yet it is because of these circumstances, Preme cultivated an inner drive to always be the absolute best, no matter the situation or difficulty of circumstances.
Preme first stepped up to the microphone in 2005. He was visiting the studio of a friend and casually riffed on a few verses to help out with a level check from the sound booth. The spark was instantaneous. “It was easy to ride the beat,” he recalls. He went home and wrote for two days, returned to the studio and laid down his first tracks. He would spend the next few years refining his craft and working on various recordings, including his first official singles, “The Supreme General” and “Supreme Dreamin.’” In 2009, Preme joined forces with Ken Rutkowski of Outer Limit and recorded “the prelude 2 a Classic!!!” mixtape. The consummate perfectionist, Preme had set his sights on a recording situation that could provide the stellar production quality that would best serve his music. He found it in Rutkowski and went on to record two more projects at Outer Limit, “The Supremacy EP” and “Best of the Champions.” The latter received an endorsement from prominent radio personality DJ Supreme then of 93.7 WBLK, raising Preme’s visibility as a rapper of note and bolstering his already growing fan base.
Onstage, Preme is a roaring tour-de-force. Fueled by the fervor of the audience, he quickly finds his zone, unleashing with a turbocharged intensity that is exhilarating, provocative and very real. Preme first performed on a shared bill as part of an opener for Bad Boy/Interscope artist Machine Gun Kelly. He has since appeared at several venues throughout the Buffalo area, including The Waiting Room, Big Obit Sound Lab, Buffalo LIVE, Club Paradise and OHM Ultra Lounge to name a few.
In addition to making music, Preme keeps a close eye on industry trends. An ambitious entrepreneur, Preme eschews the traditional path of working with a record label, preferring an independent approach instead. He has been particularly successful leveraging social media to get his music out into the world and also to form collaborations with other artists. He recently released “The Supreme Experience” phone app for i-Phone and Android and is presently putting the final touches on his latest recording, “Clear and Present Hustler,” which is scheduled for release in May of 2014.
The Supreme General describes his work as “aggressively intelligent hood music.” What distinguishes him from other contemporary rap artists is his intensity, virility and uncompromising bravado. “I’m a never give yourself an excuse to lose kind of guy,” he proclaims, “I represent the anti-sensitive.” His ultimate goal is for The Supreme General to be synonymous with the rap genre, much like Mohammed Ali is synonymous with boxing. Closer to home, he hopes to shatter stereotypes and to serve as living proof that “black men from the ‘hood are strong and intelligent.”

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