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Welcome to the official online home of The Supreme General!!! This is my ALL NEW VIDEO "It's my TURN!!! ft. Jy the Vocalist. It's a visual experience inspired by ancient Egyptian kings and culture. Specifically Ramses II. I sincerely hope you enjoy and don't forget you can check out all my other visuals in the "video" section of this site. Thank you in advance!!! I appreciate u rockin wit me!!! ? #IvyLeague #Salute 



Ok so as u may or may not know, I've been working on my #album "Clear and present HUSTLER: Egregia cum laude" for quite a while. It's been literal years in the making and something I have put my blood, sweat and tears into in addition to making many great sacrifices to ensure it's a muthafuckin #CLASSIC upon its release. I've already finished most of the songs and am very excited to drop it however there are still a few small kinks behind the scenes which are causing the  delay in release. Due to this fact, and the fact that it's been way too long since I have released anything new, I have decided to create and drop some ALL NEW shit for y'all in the meantime for the summer. So TUESDAY JULY 4th you can expect "It's My TURN!!! ...The Throne Ascension EP" to drop!!! It will be available both digitally and physically and include 10 ALL NEW songs (the physical version will have more in addition to an 8 page booklet full of art and there will also be autographed versions exclusively available on my website * * ) from yours truly!!! As always, there will also be several new videos and I will be posting a lot of the behind the scenes shit across all my social media platforms so stay tuned. The album is still coming and will drop later this year but it's been so long that I HAD to hit y'all wit something new!!! Thank you to everyone who supports me now and especially to those who have supported me from the beginning. I appreciate u and am going to continue to make u proud!!! ?With #ItsMyTurn (check out the official #video NOW featuring the beautiful & talented Jy the vocalist here in the "VIDEOS" section of the site as well as on my offficial YouTube channel *be sure to #subscribe!!!* So with #TheThroneAscensionEP (coming this #4thOfJuly ) and my #album Clear and Present HUSTLER: Egregia cum laude (out later this fall) this will be the year of SUPREMACY!!! #StayTuned Thanks for all the love and support!!! I appreciate u!!! ? #IvyLeague #Salute 

My debut album "Clear & present HUSTLER: Egregia cum laude" is COMING SOON!!! 

That's right, I'm currently in the studio recording my long awaited debut album "Clear & Present HUSTLER!!!". Recording is going extremely well & I can't wait for you to hear the finished product. In the meantime, sign up for my official e-mail list below to get exclusive tracks, info, & all things Supreme before anyone else. Thanks for stopping thru!!!  



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